The Mummy MOT

I am very pleased to be offering The Mummy MOT in Sheffield. This thorough postnatal check reviews a Mum’s posture, tummy and pelvic floor. The aim is to pick up potential problems and enable women to start on appropriate functional activity training. This helps Mums to plan how to safely get back to what they want to be doing – whether it be normal daily activities, or high level sport.

It was devised by two excellent professionals Maria Elliot (a specialist pelvic physiotherapist) and Jenny Burrell a dynamic exercise professional, who saw the need for an integrated approach to rehab for post natal women. This resonated with my own approach. I have increasingly seen the need to integrate functional exercise within my physiotherapy practice and, to this end, have also become a fitness instructor.

As Mums we needs to move! We need to bend, twist, squat and lift and our rehab needs to reflect this. Pelvic floor exercises alone wont get us there. The Mummy MOT is holistic. It looks at the whole woman and helps move her towards her activity goals.

Mums are great at putting themselves last. But to support others and keep our busy lives on track, we need to be functioning well and that’s where the Mummy MOT comes in.

Further information can be found on my Mummy MOT page here